The Modernized Alekhine Defense

Christian Bauer – The Modernized Alekhine Defense – ISBN 9789464201185 – 543 pages.

Teaser [PDF] – The Modernized Alekhine Defense

Building on his ever creative ideas, Christian Bauer found a way to take a fresh look at the current status of the Alekhine Defense. It’s clear that Christian has a definite weak spot for Knights. Surely you will appreciate his best efforts to bamboozle your opponents into self-destruction by using the Alekhine.


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Christian Bauer – The Modernized Alekhine Defense – ISBN 9789464201185 – 543 pages.

Teaser [PDF] – The Modernized Alekhine Defense

When Thinkers Publishing suggested I could try to produce a book on the Alekhine Defense, since for some reason I seem to have the reputation of using maverick openings, this idea looked reasonable. In that Covid period I had nothing better to do after all! After a few months I however realized that Thinkers Publishing had passed me a hot potato (many thanks!), i.e. the arduous task of checking the serious recent works of Kornev and Negi, plus the mammoth book of Chetverik and Kalinichenko, not to mention some ‘already ancient’ suggestions from John Shaw dated 2016!

You will therefore find some references to those inspiring sources throughout this book (Chetverik & Kalinichenko being abbreviated to C&K).

I wasn’t sure at first whether I wanted to talk about ‘all existing’ lines of this intriguing opening, and discovered in the process there were quite a few, or whether I would sort them out to offer a Black repertoire. I finally decided on the first approach, to give you, dear reader, a broader choice. Among all the lines included in that book, the Four Pawns Attack Classical, covered in the Bonus Lines chapter, is probably the only one where a Black player would need more knowledge in order to be ‘safe’ from a theoretical standpoint.

Hope you’ll enjoy reading this book!



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11 reviews for The Modernized Alekhine Defense

  1. Gerard W. (verified owner)

    Very elaborate work with a lot of original analysis. For me personally I would have liked a chapter with a few illustrative games but that is no reason to substract one star.

  2. Lev Fridkovski (verified owner)

  3. STEFANOS KAOURAS (verified owner)

  4. WALLART ADRIEN (verified owner)

  5. Philip (verified owner)

    Excellent service from order to delivery; received within a couple of days; and the book is very good too – I have played the Alekhine for 50 years!

  6. Philip Ware (verified owner)

    Very prompt service

  7. James R Ellis (verified owner)

  8. Philippe Godon

    Exceptionnel. Manque juste des parties illustratives.

  9. Ivan Nogueira (verified owner)

    All ok! Thanks!

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

  11. Tony (verified owner)

    Hopefully I can recreate some interesting adventures from my teenage years. I will blame Bobby Fischer (cf. his 1972 match) for any failures!

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