Someday I’ll Be a Queen – PICTURE BOOK

A Pawn’s Journey Across the Chessboard – Christel Minne 

Hardback – SKU 9789464201888 – 56 pages

How is this book now different from other chess books for young children?

Well, it starts as a fairy tale about a King, a Dragon and a young Girl with a dream.

Author Christel Minne: “A young girl is the main character because by doing so, I want to encourage girls and make it clear that this game is also for them.”

  • The history of the game of chess is incorporated as you get acquainted with the characters.
  • The picture book is very inviting with plenty of funny and beautiful drawings. There is a lot to discover!
  • For the youngest preschoolers it is best to tell the story in your own words, but the older preschoolers fully enjoy the rhyming story.
  • Every chess rule can be found in an attractive drawing. An important didactic choice of the author.
  • Just like the choice for the story in rhyme form, preschoolers love repetition, this is a handy tool when memorizing the chess rules.

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