The Queen’s Gambit Declined – A Dynamic Repertoire for Black – Louis Rodi

620 pages – hardback

The history of the Queen’s Gambit is connected with the very beginnings of modern chess, the opening being cited in the earliest published books on the science of the game, such as the Göttingen manuscript (1490) and the books of Ruy Lopez (1561) and Salvio (1604). The so-called Queen’s Gambit Declined – or Refused – is, together with the Slav, the main defense in the universe of queenside openings, and shares with the aforementioned defense a well-earned reputation for being a reliable and very solid scheme.

The main aim of the present work is to show that Black can indeed obtain positions where all three results are possible. The Queen’s Gambit Declined, about a century after its golden age, is still a reliable and lively defense, where despite all the theory developed during its long existence it still holds secrets for analysts and offers new positions to enjoy a lively game, both strategically and tactically.

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  • The Queen’s Gambit is one of the oldest and most reputable 1.d4 openings for Black.
  • Unlike 1.e4 openings, the Queen’s Gambit usually evolves into a strategic game rather than an all-out tactical battle.
  • Despite being around for centuries, this opening is still one of the cornerstones of every elite players’ repertoire, including all World Champions.
  • The author presented a practical opening repertoire for Black, while providing several different options: a more dynamic or rather solid positional play.
  • All sidelines are captured and brutally countered in the last chapter of this magic chess book.
  • You want to counter 1.d4 is the most effective and pragmatic way, this book should stand or your bookshelf.

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