The Practical Endgame Bible – Guidelines for the Fundamentals of the Endgame – Boroljub Zlatanovic

PRACTICAL ENDGAME BIBLE  Boroljub Zlatanovic – The Practical Endgame Bible – Guidelines for the Fundamentals of the Endgame. ISBN 9789464201741   – 455 Pages.

There are many books devoted to basic endgames, even from the Middle Ages. Principles of typical endgames (such as keeping the rook behind a passed pawn, not setting pawns on the same colored squares as your bishop’s, distant pawns being more dangerous than central ones etc.) are well known too. But what about “complex endgames”? I have in mind endgames with at least two pieces on each side; well I don’t find them often nor sufficiently well-explained in the past! It is exactly this fact (together with my passion and great endgame experience) that has motivated me to write this book (many friends simply call me “Endgame Wizard” ).

Over two decades of working as a coach has confirmed my opinion that endgames are the biggest problem for young players. Today, in the computer era with a lot of information easily provided, youngsters all over the world rather play blitz, or solve some tactical puzzles in a manner that is “the faster the better” (or even spend time on some other chess disciplines). All of this neglects the basis of chess – the importance of endgames! It is not uncommon that everyday you can be witness to some strange endgame misunderstanding, even at the top level.

This is why I consider some of my favorite endgame books based on logic as the best I’ve ever read – I learned the endgame from some of the best endgame players and authors. And this is why I want to fill that gap in chess literature and to share my devotion, ideas, principles, opinions with you! I hope you will enjoy this material and I am pretty sure you will broaden your endgame horizons.

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4 reviews for The Practical Endgame Bible – Guidelines for the Fundamentals of the Endgame – Boroljub Zlatanovic

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    Dear Jean,

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  2. Richard Lurye (verified owner)

    This is an excellent and elegant book. Mr. Zlatanovik has the gift of bringing the reader to a clear understanding incrementally by selecting the right games to illustrate his point and then by annotating them with precise narrative explanations. I work through each game with him on a real board as if I were playing both sides. Variations are used sparingly only to support his explanations and the variations are equally clear. His method of teaching through his books, and I have all of them, work very well for me. I am willing to put the work in and I am not in a hurry. I actually find his books, when I use them this way, meditative and calming. He explains thematically and the themes, across his books, are consistent and recurring. This is making my journey into deeper understanding peaceful rather than stressful as I look for more details naturally. I am 75 and an improving enthusiast with a growth mindset.

  3. JOHN JACOBS (verified owner)


  4. Gerard (verified owner)

    Masterpiece by Zlatanovic, I like the practical approach

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