The Imparable Logic and Psychology in Chess – Boroljub Zlatanovic –

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We live in era of computers (unfortunately!) and we are simply forced to use them often and widely. Chess is no exclusion – it is impossible even to imagine modern chess without computers, engines, databases, online platforms, etc. Modern generations have their first connection with chess through computers, not books, and that is wrong of course! Young players prefer to memorize than to understand; they follow some fashionable line even if they do not know what is going on!

That motivated me to write this book – logic must be included in the process of chess education! Moreover, logic must be the most important part of that education process. Youngsters often neglect logic and not surprisingly they get surprised when their “well-remembered” variation doesn’t work.

Experienced players often lead the game out of theory, to places where understanding will prevail over memory and energy. That is my favorite concept against youngsters –setting static situations on the board – because young players usually go for dynamics, because they are good at calculating and memorizing. Understanding and logic are everything you need with statics on the board.

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  • Understanding and logic are everything you need with static positions on the board.
  • A chess game is full of decision-making moments, and there are many methods you should use to find solutions.
  • We will present a wide spectrum of ideas that will help you to decide.
  • Every game is different and various factors can and should be considered in the process: standings, emotions, time-trouble (zeitnot), opponent’s character, tiredness, etc. – psychology also plays a significant role in decision-making.
  • That is why we decided to highlight moments from real chess struggles to help you decide under different pressures whenever possible.
  • This book is not based on medical advice. It is a collection of practical advice related to common dilemmas and problems in a chess game.
  • We want to help you feel relaxed and well-equipped in similar situations.
  • If you know what is going on and what to do, you will easily maneuver through “the bushes of logical and psychological problems” and find an escape that will affect the final result in your favor!
  • I am sure that this book will broaden your horizons, make you calm and confident, and greatly help you to perform better.

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