Supreme Chess Understanding – Statics & Dynamics – Wojciech Moranda

The distinction between strategy and tactics is one of the first things any chess player learns about, but have you ever heard about statics and dynamics before? Did you know that nearly every critical decision you take in a game of chess is governed by the rules of the so-called static/dynamic balance? If not, for the sake of your own chess development, you might want learn more about it from this very book!

In ‘Supreme Chess Understanding: Statics & Dynamics’, GM Moranda meticulously explains rules governing the physics of the game, focusing in particular on the interplay between static and dynamic factors. In today’s dog-eat-dog chess world it is namely not enough to know the general principles, but rather to grasp when, how and why can these be bent… or even broken. Thanks to the knowledge gained by studying this work, navigating through the maze of positional transformations is going to become a piece of cake!

The 65 carefully selected exercises are going to make your chess senses tingle with learning excitement. Apart from that, you shall also benefit from the massive amount of practical advice and psychological tips provided by the author. Finally, the book’s quiz format will make the study process not only fruitful, but above all fun!

ISBN 9789464201710 – 256 pages – EXCLUSIVE HARD BACK EDITION

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9 reviews for Supreme Chess Understanding – Statics & Dynamics – Wojciech Moranda

  1. Michalina

    This book is as outstanding as the previous one and should be the basis for both ambitious amateurs and advanced players. Well-chosen and sophisticated examples, which are not found in other chess literature, accurate explanations, attention to detail, as well as a great form allowing independent training – these are just some of the elements that make a great book. GM Moranda gladly shares his rich experience in the field of chess training on many levels, thanks to which the reader feels the willingness to help and professionalism of the author from the very first pages. The book is a must for anyone who dreams of progress and better understanding of chess, I definitely recommend it!

  2. Marek

    nice book , a lot of difficult and carefully selected tasks , which greatly improve the level of the game.

  3. RadekB

    I recently read the second book released by the Polish GM, and it was just as impressed as with his first one. “Supreme Chess Understanding” offers some very interesting examples (all taken from the recent games), with a high quality of analysis. Also, the annotations are extremely didactic (one could already say that this is Morandas trademark). It is a very challenging book, but for an ambitious player – a must. Highly recommended!

  4. AnonymousIM

    This book has a fantastic selection of exercises, none of which I had ever seen previously. The exercises are quite challenging, but are findable with effort and the solutions are always instructive. This book appeals to both the ambitious player and the puzzle enthusiast. I highly recommend this book to those who are interested in widening their range of ideas on the chessboard.

  5. Mariusz Pudzianowski

    Wojciech Moranda’s sequel book to Universal Chess Training deserves Universal chess recognition for listening to feedback on providing a point based system so that one knows whether they have truly solved the positions and understood them at their core.
    I’ve found the book to be challenging, but I’d not have it any other way.
    This book will help adult improvers become players of Chess culture.
    With plentiful witticisms and slick wordplay, Moranda is fast becoming one of the best authors around.

  6. Some K

    I do highly recommend this book if you want to improve your chess understanding, increase tactic skills and enlarge strategic knowledge. The tasks are challenging, carefully selected from the last games which you won’t find in other books. The complex of statics and dynamics is very important in chess, however seems to be undersestimated; there is no other book that describes these topics in a proper way. Moreover, a good way of explaining solutions and the ability to present them in an understandable way for the reader deserves a big plus. Enjoyed very much while studing a book and gained a lot of knowledge!

  7. Niki

    Going through this book is thoroughly enjoyable! Not only are the exercises outstanding in terms of their instructional value, but personally, I most of all enjoy reading Wojciech Moranda’s comments and analysis. Through his words the positions become truly alive, an iron logic underlies everything and you are left with the feeling, that you actually understand the position.

    Sure, the problems are hard. I almost never get 100%, but I learn a lot! I think about one position daily over breakfast and look up the solution for desert – soo much better than my oatmeal…

  8. FM Lukas Dotzer

    “Supreme Chess Understanding, Statics & Dynamics” is an excellent book on a very important topic in modern chess. GM Moranda presents the original training material in a highly instructive way. The quiz format makes it fun to work through even the toughest examples. I especially like the author’s explanations on the interaction of static and dynamic elements in chess and also the many pieces of practical advice given. Work with this book and the reward is sure to follow.

  9. Will Luo

    very good book. the exercises were both very challenging and original and the interesting point-based system kept me engaged throughout the book as well as the easy to follow explanations and analysis. 10/10 highly recommended.

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