Michal Krasenkow – Learning from Michal Krasenkow

“The games are enjoyable, instructively and reasonably lightly annotated. And to be honest, you do not want to miss some of those variations: there are some amazing attacks. Perhaps the most astonishing chess content, however, is in the endgame section, which features analysis of pawn endgames and rook endgames…but I don’t think I’ve seen better analysis of practical endgames. Krasenkow does a really great job of making the games fun and readable. In conclusion an excellent book and a 5-star commendation” – GM Matthew Sadler – NIC Magazine 02/2019.

“One very positive aspect of the book is that the games will be very fresh to most readers. This is a book showing the gritty side of chess battles at a level just below the absolute top.” – Sean Marsh – Chess 04.2019.

Michal Krasenkow was born in Moscow in 1963. He became a Grandmaster in 1989, became champion of Georgia in 1987 and emigrated in 1992 to Poland. He represented Poland in many successful chess events and was the winner of numerous international chess tournaments.