Alexander Ipatov – Unconventional Approaches to Modern Chess

“Ipatov believes that all levels of players should work on their general chess education, while relying largely on offbeat and surprise opening weapons, as he himself has tended through his career. In the first of two volumes, Ipatov analyses in detail a variety of offbeat line, all from Black’s perspective – making this work suitable for those who like an early surprise or who want to add new lines to their black repertoire.” – Chess Magazine – 04/2019.

“In general, I think you’ll use this book to spice up your current repertoire with a couple of additional interesting lines and possibly provide you with a one -off weapon for a must win game. My rating for this book is somewhere between 4 and 5 stars, but Ipatov’s generosity in sharing all this original analysis tips the balance to 5! Recommended!” – GM Matthew Sadler New In Chess Magazine 05/19

Alexander Ipatov is a Ukrainian-born Turkish chess grandmaster. He won the national championship twice (2014, 2015) and represented Turkish national team in 3 World Chess Olympiads (2012, 2014, 2016), 2 European Team Chess Championships (2013, 2015), 1 World Team Chess Championship (2013) and 2 World Cups (2013, 2015). Alexander is also the World U-20 Junior Chess Champion (2012) and the Silver Medalist (2013). Currently he resides in Saint Louis, Missouri, where he captains one of the strongest collegiate chess teams in the nation and pursues his second master’s degree.