Herman Grooten – Understanding Before Moving 3 – Sicilian Structures – Part 1: Najdorf & Scheveningen

“The book sets out to enable the reader to learn two variations of the Sicilian by placing maximum emphasis on understanding, but succeeds in accomplishing significantly more. Reading the book offers a chance to improve your ability to study opening variations and chess as a whole. And best of all, you will understand why this is so. Highly recommended.” ~ Paul Hopwood – Chess – April 2020.

Club players love to study openings as so much material is available. However, it has often been shown that results do not match the amount of study invested, as in practice it is much harder to navigate your way around an opening when the opponent deviates from theory. That is why Herman treats the study of openings in a completely different way. He focuses on increasing insight. In this book he discusses the backgrounds of openings, provides guidelines and explains in an instructive and accessible way the basic principles of a position. This book, the third in its series, provides an overview of the positions and corresponding plans arising from our beloved Sicilian Defense, being in this case ‘Part 1’, The Najdorf and Scheveningen Structures. Three more parts are being written as we speak.