Boroljub Zlatanovic – Fundamental Chess Strategy in 100 Games

“Serbian International Master Boroljub Zlatanovic’s Fundamental Chess Strategy in 100 Games (Thinkers Publishing 2020, 506 pages, paperback, list price $38) is, as the title implies, a collection of 100 positional masterpieces that range from classics played by Akiva Rubinstein to modern examples. The games are not overly analyzed as the emphasis is on pointing out the main ideas. To this end words dominate the commentary with variations given only as required. Fundamental Chess Strategy in 100 Games is a good choice for those rated 2000 on up looking to increase their understanding in a pleasurable way. One can easily imagine using these books to develop a daily habit of playing over a game and solving a study while drinking one’s beverage of choice.” ~IM John Donaldson August 2020.

“Zlatanovic uses a light touch of his notes, limiting the complexity of his analysis and working to clearly explain the logic of positional decisions and ideas. Using examples both well-known and less studied, class and club players are taught quite a bit about basic positional play. I certainly leaned a thing of two.” ~ Johh Hartmann – Chess Life – April 2020.

This book would bring something new into your chess library. In computer era focus is usually on openings. Watching broadcasts new generations rather choose games with favorite opening played seeking for some interesting idea or even brilliant novelty. I offer and recommend different concept, based on famous Soviet chess school. Focus should be on understanding strategy concepts, principles and inner logic. Fashionable opening lines will be forgotten (or re-evaluated) sooner or later, but understanding cannot be lost and can be only upgraded. It is sad to see some player well equipped with opening lines, unable to realize big positional advantage in deep endgame. So, our advice is to learn about Strategy and Logic. The book is highly recommended for club players, advanced players and masters, although even higher rated players can find a lot of useful things for themselves. There is no doubt lower rated players will learn a lot about thinking process and making decisions, while some logical principles can be good advice for strong players also.