H. Grooten – Understanding before Moving: Part 2

“I really enjoyed Volume 1 and I found it enlightening and I think that its intended readership of club players will feel exactly the same way and that their understanding of the structures under discussion and chess thinking in general will have increased. I’m looking forward to seeing the next volumes!” Carsten Hansen – American Chess Magazine 01.2019

“The concept is extremely attractive to amateur players: whatever your strength, it carries the promise of learning or revising some general strategic knowledge in an easy way.” GM Mathew Sadler, New In Chess Magazine 05/19.

In volume 2 Dutch International Master Herman Grooten provides the full coverage of the Queen’s Gambit Structures. As usual his instructive material is impressive, explaining in detail all possible plans for White and Black, making this book indispensable if you want to understand these typical structures or play this opening.