Evgeny Bareev – Say No to Chess Principles!

“What I do look at when I think about a chess book is whether the material will help me to improve, and whether I will recall any of it in six months’ time. I feel that this book fulfils those goals, because what is within is both thought-provoking and inspiring. And is Bareev’s book worth the investment? Well, I would say: yes!” ~ Grandmaster Danny Gormally – Chess 06.19

“A magnificent book about the immense variety in chess – it is very inspiring and makes a lot of fun.” ~ German IM Dirk Schuh. 05.19

The famous Russian Grandmaster Evgeny Bareev took a real challenge in writing this book: “Say No to Chess Principles!”. The author presents his material in a typically humorous style, but not forgetting the players behind the moves. The material is divided into several chapters including ‘ A Queen Behind Enemy Lines’, ‘At the Edge of the Board’ and ‘Killer Delayed Castling’. In his introduction Bareev explains: “However it also happens that chess players often discover significant resources which formally exist outside the typical rules of chess. Those who know how to break all the rules and work around those specific guidelines reach the very top”. This book is simply an amazing read discovering an unique tool: break the dogmatic rules when possible!