Eduardas Rozentalis

Eduardas Rozentalis (born 27 May 1963 in Vilnius) is a Lithuanian chess grandmaster.

He played for the Lithuanian team in every Chess Olympiad since 1992, except in 2000 and 2012. Rozentalis won the Lithuanian Chess Championship in 1981, 1983 (jointly with Aloyzas Kveinys) and 2002.

In 1995 he tied for first in the Canadian Open Chess Championship. He also tied for first, with 6/9, in the 2008 staging of this event, in Montreal. In 2009/10 he tied for 1st-5th with Radosław Wojtaszek, Pavel Ponkratov,Luke McShane and Igor Lysyj at the 39th Rilton Cup in Stockholm. In May 2010, he won the 3rd Magistral Ciudad de Asunción Copa Roggio tournament. In 2012 Rozentalis won the Cultural Village tournament in Wijk aan Zee and qualified for the Grandmaster Group C of the 2013 Tata Steel Chess Tournament; however, he did not take part in the latter event.