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  • Milos Pavlovic - The Modernized Colle - Zukertort Attack

    The Colle-Zukertort is a deep independent opening in its own right, but is also very flexible. The simplicity of placing the bishop on d3, a knight on e5 and following up with f4 and Rf3 with checkmating prospects is very tempting. 

  • Paul van der Sterren - Kings of the Chessboard

    This book is about the greatest chess players who ever lived, who dominated their era and were looked upon as World Champions even at a time when this term, this very concept, did not yet exist.

  • Evgeny Bareev - Say No To Chess Principles!

    Currently, when thousands of chess books dissect the same standard ideas in great detail, let us remember that first there were those who originally discovered them, implemented them, and made them standard, ..