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    • Paul van der Sterren - Leer schaken in 10 lessen

      Het schaakspel wordt beschouwd als het moeilijkste bordspel. Het stereotiepe beeld is bij iedereen bekend. Twee spelers zitten, in diep gepeins, tegenover elkaar.

    • Romain Edouard - Entrainement au calcul

      I have always found that existing puzzle books, however good they are, only provide a rather mechanical form of mental training. In this new collection, you will fi nd exercises to help you improve in specific areas of thinking,


    • Romain Edouard - The Chess Manual of Avoidable Mistakes, Part 1

      Drawing on his own games, which encompass all stages of his career including that of strong grandmaster, he reveals his thought process at the critical moments and shows the reader how to avoid the most common mistakes.