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    • Herman Grooten - Begrijp wat je doet: deel 1

      Veel clubschakers studeren graag op openingen. Dat is logisch omdat er veel materiaal over te vinden is. Toch blijkt het rendement van de noeste arbeid vaak vrij laag. In de praktijk komt men erachter dat het niet eenvoudig is om de juiste wegen te bewandelen als de tegenstander van de theorie afwijkt.

    • A. Mikhalchishin & O. Stetsko - Mastering Complex Endgames

      This book by my friends IGM Adrian Mikhalchishin and IM Oleg Stetsko addresses the techniques and methods required to deal with complex endgames. 

    • Eduardas Rozentalis - The Correct Exchange in the Endgame

      The endgame is the most complicated erea of chess. In his book GM Rozentalis looks at some of the most important questions: the connection between the opening and the endgame, when to exchange, bishops against knights, be patient or just simplify. 

    • Milos Pavlovic - The Modernized Nimzo-QGD

      If you want to play like the best players in the world then playing the Queen’s Gambit Declined is the right choice. Learning it, though, is a difficult process, as it involves a certain amount of knowledge that you won't find easy. 

    • Milos Perunovic - The Modernized Benko Gambit

      With this book, I wanted to revitalise the Benko and show that, although the computer isn’t that happy with Black’s positions in certain lines, his resources are impressive, especially in ‘THE PRACTICAL GAME’, because White will face many difficulties and Black’s counter attacks, no matter how well-prepared he is!

    • Efstratios Grivas - Bishop Endings: An Innovative Course

      This publication is an almost exhaustive collection of all you can fi nd about bishop endings – it is ‘ready knowledge’: you will learn hundreds of rules, patterns and key positions. The author guides you through the examples in a highly instructive and easy-to-understand way.