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    • Milos Pavlovic - Unknown Weapons in the Grünfeld

      The Grünfeld Defence is one of the most dynamic openings for Black. While the theory is still far from being exhausted and still developing our author Grandmaster Milos Pavlovic made a strong case and found new alternatives to battle White’s setups. 

    • Maxim Dlugy - Grandmaster Insides

      ‘Grandmaster Insides’ take you into the inner world of Maxim Dlugy, as he recounts and analyses what a young player went through to become a champion and what areas of development are important for self-improvements as a chess player.

    • Ivan Sokolov - Chess Middlegame Strategies, Vol. 2

      In this second volume of my “Chess Middlegame Strategies” series I have decided to focus on this connection between the opening and the middlegame.