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    • Paul van der Sterren - Koningen van het schaakbord

      In dit boek treden de grootste schakers uit de geschiedenis voor het voetlicht, de kampioenen die in hun tijd de grootste waren. Wereldkampioenen dus, al beginnen we in een tijd waarin dat woord nog niet bestond. 

    • Adrien Demuth - The Modernized Reti

      Contrary to what critical pessimists might say, the Reti opening is an ambitious weapon for White. By avoiding the main theoretical debates, White tries to reach an unbalanced position from an early stage of the game.

    • Alexey Kuzmin - Together with the Candidates

      Grandmaster Alexey Kuzmin has been working as a professional coach more than 30 year. He was second of the 12th World Champion Anatoly Karpov during the years of his struggle against Garry Kasparov (1987-1991).

    • Raja Panjwani - The Hyper Accelerated Dragon

      In this book IM Panjwani presents the Hyper Accelerated Dragon. He demonstrates from the second move a dynamic way to fight 1.e4! He covers all main lines and side-lines, even the most critical ones get a new and objective treatment.

    • Milos Pavlovic - The Modernized Najdorf

      Learning the Najdorf will help all players to understand Sicilians in a better way. Different aspects of chess such as defence, attack and sacrifice, positional themes and tactical storms, can be found in this book.

    • Christian Bauer - Candidate Moves

      I found the idea to switch sides. By this, I mean to look at games from White’s perspective and then from Black’s. A rather interesting concept, as things often appear quite different, depending on the viewpoint.